Our Value Proposition

Solving the entrepreneur-investor conundrum

At Lumine we believe in fact-based, analytical and long term approach to your investment decisions. We assist entrepreneurs in their private equity and investment journey with a constant focus on quality and responsiveness

Am I really in control of
my private equity strategy?

When funds managers or clubs arrangers pilot
most of the investment decisions

Can I maintain an adequate
investment-life equilibrium?

When I have to deal with my day to day
activities and my investments

Do I benefit from continuous
long term advice?

When I use dedicated advisers purely
on transactions-based

Will I be able to act
for the long term?

How do I ensure a correct continuum
of my investments

Lumine Capital Advisors strives to offer holistic and analytical answers to these highly challenging questions

Our Model:
Tailor made proprietary solutions

We scan, advice and set-up exclusive and proprietary strategies for existing or new private equity investments

Our Vision

We partner with entrepreneurs and their family in their journey to create and grow their private equity assets

Our Mission

We deliver clear and pragmatic investment and management strategies based on deep analytical reviews of our clients’ environment

Our Model

We rely on best in class corporate finance individuals and a straightforward services offering

Lumine Capital Advisors offers third party fact based opinions
that allow you to take optimum decisions

We need to share common values to ensure optimal impact of our actions and recommendations

Our Values:
What matters most

We partner with our clients on the long run, we need to share common values to ensure optimal impact of our actions and recommendations


We are, work for and
with entrepreneurs, only


Full alignment with
our clients’ interests

Long Term

We stay committed to our clients and
their families on the long run

Fact based - Value Added

We only act where we are convinced
we can deliver value


Dynamic and experienced team,
fully dedicated